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The holy month of Ramadan is on our door and we are all preparing ourself not only to do fasting but also to have the complete physical and spiritual benefits of the Holy month. Several studies have shown that a committed fasting with prayers and spiritual refinement improves your health. Even those persons with diabetics , hypertension and High Cholesterol levels were able to complete full month of fasting provided, they follow the healthy guide lines as follows.
       Drink as much as water as you can in the night from IFTAR to Zuhoor.
       Eat more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, rotty, bread, soup etc. and reduce salt and spice in our diet.
       Avoid fried foods, hardcore sweets and deserts.
       The modern day IFTHAR foods like SAMOOSA, CUTLETS and all fast foods should be discouraged.
       Smoking and alcohol should be avoided completely during Ramadan and beyond.
       Exercise should be continued during Ramadan at nights. A brisk walking for 30 minutes after TARAVEH prayer should tone your muscles, Reduce your blood sugar and blood pressure. It allows good digestion of the food and not only reduce your high cholesterol level, but helps to convert the Bad cholesterol (VLDL) to Good Cholesterol ( HDL ).
       The Incidents of kidney stone is only seen in people, who do not drink more water daily . Those with increased risk of urinary stones can drink alkalinizing powder mixed water to reduce the incidence of stones.
       Fasting at day time does not mean feasting at Night. The quantity of food taken should be reduced just enough to keep it going.
       The saying of prophet (SAW) about eating, to fill the stomach with 1/3rd water, 1/3rd Food and 1/3rd EMPTY, Very True in Ramdhan as well.  So not only improve the quality of food , reduce the quantity as well. Remember many diseases now relates to over eating. Fasting teaches us to control our eating habits.
       Frequent Small Meals – A very small IFTHAR with Dates ,Juices and Water before Maghrib  Prayer, then have the food after Maghrib prayer in  a relaxed way. Then again light snacks or Kanji after Tarawih prayer.(Our famous Jeerka kanji is Very Relaxating for Stomach).Again zuhoor is recommended to avoid empty stomach for long to prevent lowering of sugar levels at the end of fasting.
       Prayers at night  ,Not only give mental Relaxation but strengthen your Mind and Spirits. Prayers are proved to be good physical exercise as well. Human knowledge is very  limited  to divine commands and human beings take centuries to know divine knowledges.
I remember my mother( May Allah subhanathala have Mercy on Her )when she was 70 years old and used to fasting 3 months continuously in RAJAB,SHAABAN,AND RAMADHAN for many years after the death of my father.( May Allah Subuhanathala have Mercy on him). Even in the night she is having light food and enjoyed  her fasting without any Physical or Medical problems .I am sure Many readers share  such experiences in our Mother land.
This  clearly shows  that our will, spirit and fear of God is more important than our physical health. At the same time Many people find excuse of their illness to escape from fasting. I have seen even small children fasting especially in gulf countries without any difficulties.
As a Doctor ,I strongly recommend every one to fast keeping their healthy tips in mind. Anybody who has a Medical condition can always have medical supervision and regular preventive check up to avoid any complications if at all arise out of fasting. Spirtual strength is more important than physical strength.
May Allah Accept our Fasting and Prayers and wish you all a Healthy and happy Ramdhan.


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